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Honey Nut Ichiros 2018 Franchise Overview

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Players Already Under Contract

2019 salaries for these players have been paid by the previous owner.
Future year salaries will be the responsibility of the new owner.

Service Time through 2017
XRXR/27RAPRunAvgEligible Positions**
Braun, Ryan$24.50201910.129595.3100.00LF
Total Salaries$24.50    

Status of Players on Current Roster

Upon taking over the franchise, you will have the opportunity to retain any players not listed as "Free Agent" below.
Players with three years of service time are eligible to have their salaries determined by the Mendoza League Arbitration Simulator.
Players listed as "Reserve Clause" can be retained at their current salaries (some players may require a slight raise).

Estimated Status
for 2018*
Service Time through 2017
XRXR/27RAPRunAvgEligible Positions**
Parra, Gerardo$19.00Free Agent8.145565.1000.001BLFRF
Murphy, Daniel$14.50Free Agent8.109997.0000.001B2B
Milone, Tommy$.50Free Agent5.11301.3858.06P
Grimm, Justin$1.03Arbitration Eligible4.153-1-4.37215.56P
McFarland, T.J.$.50Arbitration Eligible3.16400.78127.00P
Hoover, J.J.$.50Arbitration Eligible3.10200.00214.39P
Baez, Pedro$1.60Arbitration Eligible3.05906.53403.38P
Ahmed, Nick$2.36Arbitration Eligible3.054183.5800.00SS
Lorenzen, Michael$1.10Arbitration Eligible2.15912.70404.66P
Baez, Javier$.75Arbitration Eligible2.089675.0300.002B3BSS
Garcia, Greg$.50Arbitration Eligible2.083324.4400.002B3BSS
Ross, Joe$.50Arbitration Eligible2.06710.85295.42P
Plawecki, Kevin$.50Arbitration Eligible1.167165.4500.00C
Wolters, Tony$.50Arbitration Eligible1.161213.0800.00C
Godley, Zack$.50Reserve Clause1.112-2-0.97943.54P
Frazier, Adam$.75Reserve Clause1.101554.7600.002B3BLFRF
Schugel, A.J.$.50Reserve Clause1.09606.75242.25P
Swanson, Dansby$.50Reserve Clause1.045513.5500.00SS
Martinez, Jose$.50Reserve Clause1.027506.7500.001BLFRF
Marquez, German$.50Reserve Clause1.02310.54804.56P
Biddle, Jesse$.50Minor Leagues1.00000.0000.00P
Glasnow, Tyler$.50Reserve Clause0.15836.4518.85P
Hoffman, Jeff$.50Reserve Clause0.155-1-1.08336.00P
Stallings, Jacob$.50Reserve Clause0.07538.1100.00C
Hoskins, Rhys$.50Reserve Clause0.053438.8500.001BLF
McMahon, Ryan$.50Reserve Clause0.03922.4900.001B
Cordero, Franchy$1.00Reserve Clause0.038113.9900.00CF
Crawford, J.P.$.50Reserve Clause0.02794.4600.002B3BSS
Quinn, Roman$.50Reserve Clause0.02200.0000.00CF
Taylor, Tyrone$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00LF
Dominguez, Seranthony$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00P
Ray, Corey$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00
Guerra, Javier$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00SS
Dubon, Mauricio$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00SS
Sanchez, Ricardo$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00P
Ortiz, Luis$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00P
Toussaint, Touki$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00P
Gutierrez, Vladimir$.25Minor Leagues0.00000.0000.00P

* This table reports estimated status based on actual service time through 2017. Final arbitration and free agency eligibility will be based on actual MLB values and will be updated during the off-season.

** Position eligibility may be updated prior to the 2018 season.

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